NYFW S/S 2013 II Cushnie et Ochs


Michelle Ochs is half Filipino, and since that makes her label one-quarter Filipino (as she joked a few days before the show), Ochs and design partner Carly Cushnie decided to look to the islands as a starting point for Spring. Needless to say, Ochs’ mom was pretty pleased; to ensure the designers had plenty of source material, she dug up and sent over traditional clothes and family heirlooms for her daughter and Cushnie to work from.

In addition to mining traditional Filipino dress, the designers were also interested in evoking an island vibe…

…Outside of the pool, the interpretation of Filipino fashion staples generated the best results. A sheer, sleeveless silk chiffon blouse with floral embroidery was reminiscent of a man’s formal dress shirt; paired with a sheer-paneled pencil skirt it looked light, feminine, and totally fresh.

A collection inspired by the Philippines.  There’s some interesting, more modern/contemporary takes on the barong and “traditional Filipiniana”/Pilipin@ clothing.


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    Bottom middle is what I’m lusting after I want my wedding dress to look like it
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    Not sure about the whitewashing, but I think Ochs should have gotten more Filipino models, especially because the...
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    :D More Barong fashion side eyeing the white ppl. Does this count as whitewashing?
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